Talking Deadly Towers NES with Broderbund's Producer, Alan Weiss

Guilty pleasures. I have a thing for games and movies that other people dislike. This goes back to the old school days of Nintendo and one of those games that I loved was Deadly Towers. I played it when it first came out and back then, it was one of the most difficult games around. I'd always been curious about the… » 1/07/14 4:46pm 1/07/14 4:46pm

Wow, thank you, wasn't expecting this and very much appreciate it! Are you and Stephen going to do more Panel Discussions? Last one I saw was I think was where you guys talked about Velvet and Saga- which turned me onto Saga and I've loved so far. It's incredible! I have Velvet on my reading list too as the Moneypenny… » 12/13/13 1:22pm 12/13/13 1:22pm

Loved this. Atlus is incredible and Persona 3 is still one of my favorite JRPGs of all time (in fact, I wrote a long 3 part review of Persona 3 claiming it was the best JRPG a few years back). I have Radiant Historia on my shelf which I still have to play. I was really hoping for a P5 and even asked about it last E3!… » 10/31/13 1:51pm 10/31/13 1:51pm

Talking Indie Game Development in Bangalore India w/ Andy Deemer

I love Indie games and when I found out an old friend, Andy Deemer, was making his own adventure game in Bangalore, India called The Stormglass Protocol, I had to ply him with questions for my favorite gaming community, TAY. I met Andy in Beijing where he was running what he describes in the interview as “a propaganda… » 10/30/13 1:22pm 10/30/13 1:22pm

I'm the same on grinding normally, but occasionally, I will force myself through if the story is good enough. Usually, they are in retro RPGs and I found myself really enjoying grinding through Persona 3 and even waded through countless hours on DQ5 =) » 10/29/13 2:22pm 10/29/13 2:22pm

Last-Gen Heroes: Heavy Rain

For a second, I forgot I was playing a game. So much so that the day after I finished Heavy Rain for the PS3, I watched one of my favorite crime films, Seven, and involuntarily tried to control Brad Pitt’s responses and movements. I couldn’t. I’d never felt so bereft watching a movie, the TV screen dividing us in a… » 10/28/13 12:01pm 10/28/13 12:01pm

Channeling Zombies, The Last of Us, and Art with Paul Davies

What made The Last of Us so good? Part of the reason was the incredible animation. Paul Davies is an Animation Supervisor at Sony Computer Entertainment America and directed a huge chunk of the fully-rendered cinematics for The Last of Us, working with Naughty Dog animation leads Shaun Escayg and David Lam, as well …

» 8/06/13 9:57pm 8/06/13 9:57pm

Just my two cents being somewhat new to the community. I've found everyone to be incredibly friendly- in fact, so friendly and welcoming, I've wondered why all communities can't be more like TAY. The exchanges have been great, and more than that, I really love talking gaming with everyone here. There's so much insight… » 8/04/13 7:55pm 8/04/13 7:55pm