Going Back to the Best and Worst Schools in Video Games


"School's Out for Summer" are the rockin' lyrics that will be relevant again in May and June of 2015. As kids are gearing up to head back to those hallowed halls of higher education, or wallowing in self-pity at their desks as we speak, here are some of video games' best and worst classrooms and schools that heroes… »1/02/15 11:28pm1/02/15 11:28pm

Strangest Pets in Video Games


With quirky personalities all their own, it's difficult to not fall in love with pets. We're intrigued by their thought-processes and smitten by their charm, even if they cannot use magic spells to destroy our enemies as our video game companions often can. Inspired in part by Fiery Corgis in WOW, here are… »1/02/15 11:27pm1/02/15 11:27pm

Star Trek Holodeck During our Lives? A Recap of Siggraph 2013

I leapt over a building in a single bound. I flew past multiple skyscrapers. I was actually playing a building simulator using the Oculus Rift and despite the lo-res textures from the game developed by Esri, it was one of the most immersive experiences I’ve had. Looking left, right, above, and below, I felt like I… »7/26/13 12:27pm7/26/13 12:27pm

An Escape From Monkey Island Retrospective from a former LucasArts Developer

I got my break into the game industry as a game tester at LucasArts back in 2000. One of my favorite titles to test was the fourth game in the Monkey Island franchise, Escape from Monkey Island. It was a year of long hours checking every aspect of the game from the dialogue to the difficulty of the puzzles. I must… »7/15/13 3:44pm7/15/13 3:44pm