5 Final Reasons Terranigma is the Best SNES RPG Most Gamers Never Played

It's amazing that the most moving game I played last year wasn't one of the big-budget first-party titles on a current-gen system, but an obscure SNES RPG Kotaku readers first alerted me to called Terranigma. I've already covered the first three chapters of the game, but it's the final chapter that had me… » 1/20/15 4:35pm 1/20/15 4:35pm

7 Books I Wish Were Adventure Games

Some of the best adventure games are based on books, and two of the games from our Obscure Adventures Games We Want Sequels For, Blade Runner and I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream, have literary roots. Even Mojo has a Kafkaesque inspiration. This got me thinking in turn about some of my favorite literary works that I… » 1/04/15 4:09pm 1/04/15 4:09pm

Going Back to the Best and Worst Schools in Video Games


"School's Out for Summer" are the rockin' lyrics that will be relevant again in May and June of 2015. As kids are gearing up to head back to those hallowed halls of higher education, or wallowing in self-pity at their desks as we speak, here are some of video games' best and worst classrooms and schools that heroes… » 1/02/15 11:28pm 1/02/15 11:28pm

Strangest Pets in Video Games


With quirky personalities all their own, it's difficult to not fall in love with pets. We're intrigued by their thought-processes and smitten by their charm, even if they cannot use magic spells to destroy our enemies as our video game companions often can. Inspired in part by Fiery Corgis in WOW, here are… » 1/02/15 11:27pm 1/02/15 11:27pm

7 Ridiculously Awesome Moments in Asura's Wrath

Asura's Wrath is epic, a poetic ode to rage that is a mix of God of War, World War Hulk, and Berserk. Anime fans will find much to relish with its episodic nature that feels like you're playing a TV series. Some gamers may hesitate at the prospect of a game that relies so much on quicktime events. But this is one of… » 12/01/14 11:56pm 12/01/14 11:56pm

7 More Reasons Terranigma is the Best SNES RPG Most Gamers Never Played

If the first two acts of Terranigma were an ode to creation and nature, the massive third act is a requiem of history and humanity, a dark assemblage of surprisingly tragic events for a 16-bit game that goes beyond the normal RPG tropes. This is the second part of my Terranigma retrospective, focusing more on the plot… » 11/26/14 7:05am 11/26/14 7:05am

How A Dark Time-Traveling Fantasy Game Became the Original Fallout

The end of the world was both darker and more humorous than anyone could have imagined, and in the original Fallout, released for the PC in 1997, gamers got to experience the apocalyptic future firsthand. The iconic, "War, war never changes," introduction set the somber mood, which came about, strangely enough, during… » 10/28/14 5:40pm 10/28/14 5:40pm

7 Reasons Terranigma is the Best SNES RPG Most Gamers Never Played

The SNES has some of the best RPGs ever developed. Final Fantasy IV and VI, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, Shadowrun, Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore, and many more. But after my recent interview with Alan Weiss about Secret of Evermore, many readers pointed out a game I'd never heard of called Terranigma as one of… » 10/10/14 4:51am 10/10/14 4:51am

7 Strangest Japanese Titles of American Released Games

What's in a name? In the case of Terranigma (which I've just started to play), the English title seemed to be a reference to an enigma about the rebirth of civilization until I found out that its original Japanese name, Tenchi Sōzō, translated to The Creation of Heaven and Earth. In fact, for games targeted at… » 10/02/14 4:23am 10/02/14 4:23am

The Story Behind the Only Square RPG Developed in North America

Secret of Evermore is one of the most underrated RPGs in gaming. Released in 1995 on the SNES, it's a love letter to what is best about JRPGs, with influences from Secret of Mana and even cameos by Final Fantasy characters like Cecil from FFIV. But it also weaves its own identity with a quirky narrative… » 9/29/14 12:49pm 9/29/14 12:49pm

7 Strangest Alternate Endings in JRPGs

Last days. Leaving places. I know all things end. But last Friday, after almost ten years, it was a goodbye lunch, farewells, an exit interview and then a final departure out of the parking lot. I never realized how much I would miss my company and the people in it until I was leaving, even though it was on the best… » 8/28/14 4:45am 8/28/14 4:45am

7 Silent Hill Connections in P.T.

I've been really intrigued by the PT Demo of Silent Hills and what it might be teasing about the future of the series. What's most exciting for me is how it's gotten gamers who weren't familiar with Silent Hill or had always wanted to find out more really interested. And for good reason. It's not everyday… » 8/15/14 7:33pm 8/15/14 7:33pm

7 Thoughts on the Strangeness of Silent Hill

The best Silent Hill games have always been about psychological terror, the emotions that haunt and wrack the protagonists with guilt and regret. Yes, thrills abound and there are horrific monsters, but it's the mental anguish that overwhelms players and keeps us going back to the city in a murky haze that is nebulous… » 8/13/14 2:53am 8/13/14 2:53am